Fire at Quaker Oats Plant, Dec. 11, 1916

There are some fantastic images from the Toronto Archives of the fire and later damages caused to the Quaker Oats Plant, as seen on Dec. 11, 1916 and in January 1917. Here are a few that show the stark remainders. Advertisements

Peterborough Horse-drawn Fire Wagon, ca. 1910

St. John’s Anglican Church, ca. 1920

  Quite the shot of the church with it covered in ivy! Learn more about this historic place, built first in the 1830s, and it’s designation here.

Street Scene, Looking South East toward Little Lake, Peterborough, ca. 1900

St. Andrew’s Church ca. 1889

Queen Mary Isolation Hospital @ Langton and Hilliard

Designed by the architect William Blackwell, this hospital was built with the intention of isolating people who had infectious diseases such as typhoid,scarlet fever, and influenza. ┬áSo one half of to building was for one set of patients, the other half for a different set, and in total, at least at the very beginning, there […]

The Churches of Peterborough, ca. 1910

iI dug up these amazing shots (mostly post cards, some taken by the the Roy Studio, that have been colourized) from the Toronto Public Library Digital Reference Library, and as you can see the city had (and still has) some very dramatic religious architecture: